Desk & Archive 2.0.3

Desk & Archive is a file manager built with productivity in mind. It provides tools to manage office documents and personal workflow efficiently. Application is built on a personal experience from the workplace. It is tested and crafted in a real environment with the aim to provide value to business users. Application contains following features: - It is designed as a place to start a work - turn any document into the always available template; create a document based on the previous work or start from an empty document. Track work easily with Smart tags - tagging allows easy categorization.

Desk & Archive is an application designed to offer you a new and interesting way of managing files and folders on your computer.

It displays a user-friendly interface that is separated into two main sections. On one side you have a list of categories in which you can store the files and on the other, an area where you can view them.

Desk & Archive allows you to browse through the contents of your computer as you would using Windows Explorer but with the help of additional features.

You get to sort your files into categories such as ‘Archive’, ‘Bookmarks’, ‘Recent’, ‘Frequent’, ‘Pinned’, ‘Contextual Folders’, ‘Tags’ and add custom ones as well.

Just like any other file manager, Desk & Archive allows you to preview the contents of the files on your system, displays information about them, enables you to copy or move them to a new location and of course add tags.

Desk & Archive offers you a tagging system that you can customize. You can add tags with new names and assign them with a color so you can easily differentiate them without having to view the file’s details.

Moreover, in case you have to do something with specific files and folders on your computer, the application makes it possible to attach reminders to them.

While browsing the files on your computer you could be looking for a specific file type and in a lot of cases it’s hard to spot it in a folder that contains all kinds of items. Desk & Archive offers you the use of a pretty clever feature.

When you open a folder, the application scans it, identifies the file types and creates a set of general filters such as ‘Folders’. ‘General’, ‘Compressed’ and ‘Applications’.

So, whenever you find yourself lost in a large folder, you can simply have Desk & Archive show you only the files that correspond to a specific category.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, Desk & Archive can be a handy file manager for you.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.32MB

SHA256: 2eab6f63b758a5da7c93eeeb976e1e9c4a751237920a384662d67bd3f6b7c3df

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