BrightExplorer 1.1.0

We tabbified your current Windows File Explorer by wrapping BrightExplorer around it, and added other advanced functionality for example a brand new favorite panel. This is an experience like no other. Windows: Tabs in our web browsers are now the norm, and there's no reason other apps shouldn't follow suit. BrightExplorer adds tabs to Windows Explorer to make it easy to work with multiple folders simultaneously. BrightExplorer plays nicely with existing keyboard shortcuts, so you can stick with pressing Windows + E to open a new tab.

hen you have a lot of documents on your computer, you need a feature-packed file explorer that enables you to efficiently browse your data whenever you want to.

If you like the look of Windows Explorer, or you are simply accustomed to it and you find it difficult to switch to a new app with a new GUI, you can try BrightExplorer.

The main feature that makes BrightExplorer different from Windows Explorer is its tabbed user interface. Due to this function, you can open more than a single directory within the same window, thus allowing you to save desktop space while also making the folder management process a lot smoother.

As previously mentioned, the GUI closely resembles Windows Explorer, so you do not need to spend time browsing through documentation or researching its features online.

In order to further enhance the functionality of BrightExplorer, you also get to enjoy a dedicated Favorites panel that comes in handy if you often access several folders and you want to reduce the time needed to browse to their location.

When you want to add a new item to the Favorites section, you only need to assign it a name, then select the directory you are interested in. You can also validate the path, to ensure no errors will be triggered later on.

All in all, BrightExplorer can provide you with a handy software solution that is especially useful if you do not want to give up the user-friendly GUI of Windows Explorer when it comes to managing folders on your PC.

Due to its tabs and its Favorites panel, the app can be a nifty replacement for the default file manager in Windows, even for the novice users.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.84MB

SHA256: b9d4cb90d0482bea5830ffe08cb2fa223d8e7cdb40f015cdd92b7467eb397de4

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