Alternate Dictionary 2.07

Alternate Dictionary is a program to create dictionary for abbreviations or foreign words. Open source (Visual C++ 2005) the program contains a CSV-interface, which allows you to even edit data with an external application (for instance, Excel). Running in background the program can watch the clipboard and show a translation for the matching content. Another feature is the build-in training unit. Additionally the program offers the ability to translate whole sentences or short text passages (the quality strongly depends on the used dictionary).

Having a constant connection to the Internet has meant people increasingly come into contact with foreign languages. This has translated into an increase in demand for adequate dictionaries and similar translation products.

Alternate Dictionary is a highly intuitive application allowing its users to swiftly generate new lexicons with customized definitions.

The tool is very easy to employ, as a simple layout ensures newcomers can add new words and corresponding definitions with just a few mouse clicks. 

Users are not limited to any predefined setups, and one can opt for a regular English lexicon, as well as for foreign language dictionaries.

New entries are added by defining a new term and inserting an explanation and a search option can be employed to view items already created. Once a new entry is saved, the application automatically inserts it into all the other available modules.

These include a translation component, as well as a vocabulary training tool. The first item automatically translates source phrases using recorded entries, while the latter is a perfect method of rehearsing new words. 

A notable feature is the ability to batch edit all the source data; when dealing with dictionaries numbering thousands of entries, this option can be extremely useful.

Once satisfied with their work, users can save projects to CSV and HTML formats, thus allowing one to disseminate glossaries quickly. Alternatively, users can also generate standalone portable EXE documents, a feature further improving accessibility.

To sum up, Alternate Dictionary is a valuable tool for anyone considering creating new dictionaries. It allows its users to insert new entries quickly, including in batch mode, and one can generate portable EXEs out of the current projects.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.73MB

SHA256: bb7529b6597afdd72d0d1c53bb3c845407a9daa35e2f4d293fe961d168ad5ece

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