Ultimate Magic Cube 1.21

Rubik cube is a three-dimensional puzzle that was very popular in the 1908's. Although today it is not very common to see people playing it everywhere, the cube is still rather popular. This program is an electronic version of the cube, but not only that; it also lets you create your very own, Rubik-inspired puzzles. Available features and buttons are spread across the main window and include a drop-down menu with several cube types to choose from. Besides the basic Rubik's Cube, options range from Pyramnix to the complex Megaminx.

The Rubik's Cube has served as a form of entertainment and mind bending puzzle game before the computer came to power and still continues to do so today.

However, multiple variations of this puzzle are available and specialized applications like Ultimate Magic Cube give you the possibility to design your own style of cube and start solving it.

Running the application unveils the treasure behind the name. A cleverly simple interface is put at your disposal in which a 3D fully interactive cube is displayed. Using the mouse, you can easily rotate it to view all faces and clicking turns specific parts to match or scramble colors.

For leisure, you are free to hit the “Fully Scrambled” button and start solving any of the available cubes. 

However, one of the main features of the application give you the possibility to edit any existing type of puzzle or begin with several shapes like OctaHedron, TetraHedron, Cube as well as a couple more, and set sections where it rotates.

When you consider it is the ultimate mind bender, you can save the puzzle and take it out for a spin. Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to import pictures and create more advanced puzzles rather than only making use of a color-based design.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Ultimate Magic Cube is a fun and handy application with which to create and solve some of the most complex Rubik's Cube type of puzzles. 

The interface allows you to quickly accommodate, providing easy to use controls both for camera movement and cube interactions.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 617KB

SHA256: cb264e860f5e6cee22b1af2fa15d10e1ee8d89640522063826dd6f8c7debb21f

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