SSuite WordGraph 12.2

SSuite WordGraph portable is a comprehensive and reliable word processor designed to help you create and edit written documents, providing you with the ability to insert images and several other elements. The program is fairly simple to run and handle, featuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface, with an extensive toolbar and multiple menus you can use. Also, it can work with multiple tabs, so you can switch back and forth between several open documents, copying and pasting fragments. No installation is required to use this application.

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to edit your text documents, other than the native Wordpad or Notepad, you can resort to using third-party software.

Such an application is SSuite WordGraph Portable and it can help you view or modify the content of your files in numerous ways. Since it is a portable application, it does not require installing, it does not generate new entries in Windows Registry, nor does it create program-specific folders.

Although it packs numerous functions, this application does not come with a visually appealing design, but a plain and rather outdated one. Many of SSuite WordGraph Portable's buttons can be quite confusing, but its menus provide intuitive captions, thus enhancing overall accessibility.

Thanks to this program's straightforward features, you can use them without turning to the integrated help manual, regardless of your computer skills.

Aside from using dedicated functions, you can also access the contents of a file by dragging and dropping it on the main window. SSuite WordGraph Portable can open many formats, including PDF, JPEG, BMP, RTF, DOC and HTML.

You can use this program to view text documents and edit them in numerous ways. In addition, it is possible to create PDFs by exporting your content to the corresponding file type. More so, you can process the whole file or only the text that it contains.

This application allows you to export your resulting data to a wide variety of formats, such as PDF, text-only PDF, GIF, TIFF, JPG or SSP (software-specific).

Among the various text editing functions, this utility includes a spell checking tool, where you can load text from the clipboard and easily analyze it. On top of that, it provides a document template library and Custom Text and Phrases section to quickly access frequently used content.

To sum it up, this program can help you view and edit text documents, while providing support for several formats and allowing you to upload resulting content to cloud.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 7.72MB

SHA256: 8add01136e93690a9070ddc6aa6a7cf2673160a56f41613e3c488622729c35ca

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