DriveCleanup 1.1.0

DriveCleanup is a simple portable tool that removes all currently non-present storage volumes and other drives in Windows. There is no user interface, it runs as a command line application. It will remove all unavailable drives in Windows, such as storage volumes, disks, floppy drive, CDROM or USB. Sometimes these ghost drives can stick around in Windows. It deals with various types of devices, including disks, USB drives, CD-ROMS, UPD and floppy disks. Despite the common belief that the command line approach is difficult to understand and use.

DriveCleanup is a lightweight command application that helps to remove orphaned entries of various drives from the device tree of your system. It will also cleanup registry keys belonging to such drives.

DriveCleanup does not require installation, but requires administrative privileges in order to work properly. There are two major methods to make use of the program; the first one involves a simple double-click on the application executable, following which a complete cleanup is carried out.

The second one involves more advanced configurations, which can be revealed by running the application with the ‘-help’ argument. The set of options that becomes available is pretty much self-explanatory.

Using various parameters, users can opt to cleanup entries of volumes, disks, USBs, CDROMS and floppies individually, as well as to have the application scan and process the registry keys afferent to all of these devices.

There is also an option to test the functionality, which will result in fetching a report of the items that have been detected as orphaned without actually performing a removal operation.

The  application is quite fast and minimally invasive on system resources, being able to cleanup drive traces in less than a minute. It also displays a detailed report of the events and actions that occurred during the process.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 37.8KB

SHA256: e1b26aa1a523b5549386530a266a206452d59f58f69d4f2733e842a7dafef144

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