DAEMON Sync 1.0.0

One of the advantages of using a smartphone is that you can store a lot of photos and videos without needing to be an expert. The tricky part comes when you want to transfer these files to a computer, and DAEMON Sync is one of the apps that can help you achieve your goal. No matter which devices you prefer — Android or iOS — DAEMON Sync brings them all together. Take photos using iPhone, capture videos from Android tablet and look through various media files on your PC. Need some space on the mobile device? Backup your media files and get ready for new awesome photos.

Even though you need to install DAEMON Sync on a PC, you cannot fully enjoy its functions until you install the corresponding software on your Android or iOS phone.

The desktop application functions as a server and you later need to connect the mobile clients to it, as soon as you install them on your handsets. It might take some time until the phone correctly detects the server name, and then you can enter the PIN to establish a successful connection without any cable (via Wi-Fi).

Once the connection is set, you simply need to synchronize one or more mobile folders to a location on your computer. You get to choose the directories you prefer from your smartphone, such as Photos, Videos, Screenshots or a custom one.

After the data of interest has been selected, it can be synchronized with the PC within seconds, as soon as you press the Sync button. All the files are copied to dedicated folders, so you will not waste time looking for them at a later time.

DAEMON Sync allows you to connect several devices to its server, meaning that you can get an overview of all the connected devices (tablets or phones), along with the date of the last synchronization.

All in all, the application is a reliable utility for all those who are looking for quick ways of clearing space on their smartphone without losing any of their content. Simply copy them to the computer via Wi-Fi, then erase them from the phone and start taking new pics.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 8.51MB

SHA256: 61033460de15dc9a9860569191fba63be3a8bf856cd93dccf17dde273ae75ba6

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