CopyTrans Apps1.04

An iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without applications would be like an empty shell and you wouldn't have any possibility to connect to your friends on Facebook, playing games to shorten waiting time or use all those awesome apps that make life easier. CopyTrans Apps is the solution to take control over your favorite apps and app data and to keep them safe. It makes it easy to create user-transparent backups of your apps and to restore them at anytime to any iOS device. Further you can easily edit, remove and add documents like Word, Excel, PDFs and pictures to your iOS apps.

In order to manage the applications installed on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you need iTunes. But, with the help of CopyTrans Apps, you can avoid this, as the program allows you to backup applications or install new ones on your iOS smartphone or handheld device without using iTunes. This means that you can access applications faster and manage them with ease.

The program allows you to install new applications on your iPhone, iPod or iPad or backup any of the existing ones. The fact that you do not need iTunes installed in order to do this makes the application flexible and easy to use.

Furthermore, you can read the documentation made public for each application or browse its contents on the spot. By doing so, you are able to see where are the application install files located on your iOS device.

CopyTrans Apps can help you create backups for each application or file from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This increases data flexibility, as each backup file can be used on other iOS devices. 

For instance, you can transfer settings and preferences from your iPhone to your iPad by creating a backup from one device, then installing it on the other, all done using the same application.

In addition, you can manage each application installed and safely edit the data they contain. This way, you can remove junk or unused files on the spot, or delete files that unnecessarily occupy space.

As a conclusion, you can use CopyTrans Apps to easily create backups for your iOS-specific applications, or install new ones on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, all without having to install and use iTunes.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 8.59MB

SHA256: da5e233e91a7da81220f16bbc98122619be1b8c2257f7c8eb59b495bdeef076f

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