Windows Tricker 1.1.4

Windows Tricker is a portable tool that contains a collection of 72 tools, hacks and tricks that can modify, and in cases improve Windows. It contains 48 Windows tools that are not found or hard to find in Control Panel and 24 Windows tricks and hacks which will make Windows better and more fun. Its final purpose is to provide you with a way to make Windows even more easy to work with and enhance the workflow, which can result in higher productivity. There's no need to install this tool, so no changes are made to your PC once it's executed.

There are numerous programs inside the toolkit, ready to assist you in performing various operations. The interface of Windows Tricker is actually a launcher for all these utilities.

The application can be used for adding new shortcuts to the right-click context menu that can offer quick access to important sections and tools, such as Notepad, Control Panerl, the command prompt, the Windows defragmenter or a custom application.

It can help you quickly launch 'Disk Management', the 'Resource Monitor', 'WMI Management' tool, the Windows firewall, 'Help and Support' section or the 'Group Policy Editor'. This saves you the trouble of trying to find all these sections manually in the Control Panel.

Using it, you can quickly perform disk cleanup, perform disk defragmentations or change the default associated programs. It can create backups of the stored user name and passwords or launch the Task Manager in case it has been blocked by malware.

But Windows Tricker is more than a simple launcher. It comes with some functions of its own, such as a magnifier, a tool to help you hide a folder inside a picture and options to change the background image of the logon screen.

Windows Tricker provides you with a way to tweak your system in a way that will enhance your working speed. It provides one-click access to features and options from the context menu and enables you to launch Windows management tools faster.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 229KB

SHA256: 85afdd9275ac1d66b5f111d8b09d4b2cd45501335f11febc76b3c49e904f7183

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