Whois Master 2.0

Whois Master is a free, lightweight application that lets you retrieve all the whois information for a certain domain. The whole process is extremely simple, as all you have to do is provide Whois Master with the domain name or IP. The tab-based layout lates you benefit from all the application has to offer, in a quick and intuitive manner. You can pind any domain or IP address straight from the program, specifically from the Ping tab. Reply times are shown in the main window. Whois Master also offers traceroute functionality and it offers results of tracing the domains IP over 30 hops.

Whois Master is a user-friendly piece of software designed to help users retrieve info on particular domains fast, even if they do not possess advanced computer knowledge.

The program has been designed with an easy-to-use interface that is organized in tabs, providing users with the possibility to take advantage of its capabilities without having to go through complicated menus.

With the help of this tool, users can retrieve all the whois details on a given domain by merely writing the IP or domain name. The utility retrieves all of the necessary information and displays it on its main window, in the Domain & IP Whois tab.

Users can ping a desired domain or IP address directly from this Whois Master's main window, by accessing the Ping tab. The tool displays reply times directly on its main window.

Traceroute capabilities have been included in the application as well, providing users with the results of tracing the domains IP over a maximum of 30 Hops.

This piece of software also includes a port check function, thus allowing users to verify whether a particular port on the target domain is opened or closed. Moreover, the program can retrieve the IP address of a domain, and can do so almost instantly.

Whois Master is a powerful domain name and IP address search engine, providing users with almost instant results for their queries, without requiring advanced computer skills for that.

All in all, Whois Master is an easy-to-use, fast domain info retrieval tool that features an intuitive, simple interface. 

In addition to fetching domain and IP address details, it can be used to ping and traceroute a desired address, to retrieve the address for a given domain, and to check whether certain ports are closed or open.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: MS-PL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.93MB

SHA256: 865150b7e62bed0c3e7ff73d2d783db1bc38d3b61b468925d64e12f29f14cef6

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