SnapaShot 3.9

SnapaShot is a portable tool for taking screenshots of different size. You can cut variable sized snapshots from any web pages, photos, and online videos. Smallest free screen capture tool, SnapaShot is great for taking screenshots of different size. Just open SnapaShot, resize its window to fit the area you want to save, and press "save it" button. This simple tool lets users easily capture exactly the portion of the screen that they want and save it in a variety of formats.No installation is required to use the tool, hence no changes are made to the system registry.

SnapaShot is a straightforward piece of software that permits you to grab screenshots. It contains a small frame in the shape of a rectangle, which you can adjust in dimensions and move anywhere on the screen to obtain an image with the captured region.

The utility gives you the possibility to simply copy the captured region to the Clipboard, or to save it to file directly. In this case, it prompts the classical Save As.. dialog, asking you to indicate an output directory, format and file name.

The program's interface is extremely common-sense; it consists of a frame that can be dragged around the screen and resized by dragging its borders. At the bottom left corner of the frame users can view its dimensions, a great feature if you're trying to take a screenshot of a particular size.

A discreet arrow on the side gives users access to a menu that contains the program's options for taking the screen capture. Users can either copy the image to the clipboard or save it in one of six different file formats

The supported image file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .png and .wdp (Windows Media Photo). Installing SnapaShot is a fast and simple job that shouldn't give you any issues. The only notable aspect is that you need to have .NET Framework on your computer.

It's possible to adjust the size of the rectangular frame (or maximize it) while keeping an eye on the current width and height, which are written on the bottom part of window, in addition to the frame's position relative to the screen margins (x and y coordinates). There are no other notable options provided by the app.

Although it doesn't implement rich options and customization preferences, SnapaShot delivers a speedy and approachable method for taking screenshots with any region from the screen, backed by extensive file type support.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 51.2KB

SHA256: 893a89a82efd2f4cd70db30d7c4666b7be660eee962b612a6891a7b92e409e6b

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