PianoRollComposer 2.55

PianoRollComposer is an application that uses the standard treble and bass clef staffs. Notes are displayed in the piano roll format, so it shows music with absolute accuracy. Notes are entered directly on the staffs, and you can edit each note to give it the exact characteristics you want. You can input and edit any of 128 MIDI instruments and 61 percussion instruments. If you have a MIDI keyboard, you can play and record any instrument with it. A composition can contain music from all instruments and all percussion instruments.

PianoRollComposer allows you to work with MIDI instruments and data recived from a MIDI keyboard in order to create your own sounds. It is a MIDI sequencer and recording application that allows you to write music and record it to a MID or WAV file.

As an alternative to a MIDI keyboard, the package bundles a built-in virtual keyboard that you can use to input sounds with the help of your mouse. Each of the 8 sections of the keyboard can be assigned an instrument, while also providing comprehensive options for sending played notes to the stave within the main window.

The application's interface displays the treble and bass clef staffs, allowing you to add notes by simply clicking on the screen. 

The parameters of each note can be edited manually: you can change the subsequent velocities, adjust the volume, modify the BPM rate, the beginning and the end positions, the assigned instrument (including percussion) and the note type. Different MIDI channels are assigned different colors for easier identification.

PianoRollComposer also comes with music transposition options that allow you to adjust the pitch of a set of notes up or down. Notes can be easily cut and pasted or removed from the staff. Recorded MIDI data can be easily exported to a VST plugin or sent to GS WaveTable Synth.

The application allows the recording of one chord at a time and supports wave playback and recording, comprising additional options for editing and merging such audio files.
The generated sounds can be played using any MIDI player or imported in music notation applications.

 PianoRollComposer is capable of playing up to 16 different instruments simultaneously and allows you to add lyrics to the stave, in order to generate karaoke-ready files. It is a great tool for MIDI recording, enabling you to experiment with various instruments and providing all the tools you need for creating anything from simple sound pieces to complex symphonies.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 270KB

SHA256: 94f4b7cdac8f57e0784d772e6911076c5f7fa742a5bd63485e1a161c6e6831c0

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