CHECKSUM is an advanced software application designed to calculate MD5, SHA1 and BLAKE2 hashes for files and strings. It offers support for numerous command lines, includes a graphical interface and can process signatures for multiple files in batch mode. The application is unwrapped rapidly and integrates an entry into the Windows Explorer shell extension, thus enabling you to quickly create and verify checksums from selected files or entire directories. The tool is suited for both beginners and experienced users alike.

The signatures are immediately computed and generated into a .hash file, which saved in the same location as the source. This information also contains the date and time, along with file name, format and hash algorithm.

A graphical interface which consists of a small window is available, where you can type a string to quickly discover its hash. Additional settings can be accessed in the context menu, where you can select the hashing algorithm (hotkeys are supported), as well as set the app to convert the checksum to uppercase and automatically copy it to the Clipboard or save it to file.

CHECKSUM is quite resourceful in its feature set, as indicated by the long list of switches available for command-line input. Apart from creating MD5, SHA1 and BLAKE2 checksums.

It is possible to add file extensions to the checksum file name, filter files by format, create M3U playlists from audio files, as well as synchronize (update) new file hashes to existing checksum files.

The application is pretty fast when it comes to compiling signatures for multiple files in batch mode, and has minimal impact on computer performance.

It may not be oriented toward casual users, but CHECKSUM features plenty of handy settings to meet the requirements of advanced users looking to calculate MD5, SHA1 and BLAKE2 hashes for multiple files at a time.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.78MB

SHA256: 78347307755734deb09a8f704be1408949f1fe4020dfad2f1f6b41d3bebb4a38

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