Challenger 2.4.1

Challenger encrypts your data, your devices and your folders with a "double key". Challenger can be used either on your PC or on an USB-stick and doesnt allow anyone else gain access to the secured data. Challenger uses a 2-key procedure: Every file is on the one side encrypted with a password that you can manually enter, and on the other side there´s a second password that is generated from a list of random numbers. As mentioned, you can use this tool as a setup-type installation, or simply install it on a USB device as a standalone tool thus no changes are made to your system.

There are several ways you can keep important files on your computer protected. Besides using a virus scanner to prevent malicious software from damaging your work, you may use applications, such as Challenger, for a little extra protection.

With the help of this utility, one can rest assured that nothing bad will to important documents of any kind. Just enter a phrase with which files of your choice will be encrypted.

Challenger features a simple design to be as less time consuming and efficient as possible. The main window is intuitive enough, with only the needed options available, and a small area where you can drop files directly to start encrypting faster.

The application will require you to remember a certain phrase that you input, in order for the files to remain accessible only by the owner. Keep in mind though, that without the given words, your files will be forever lost.

The application will not leave you worrying for a second if your work can be protected. Supporting any type of file ensures that regardless of your activity, it will remain in safe hands.

For maximum efficiency, the original files will be deleted, and only by decrypting them will they become again available for use. This is why a little effort on your part is required, for as mentioned before, without the key phrase, all may be lost.

All in all, Challenger is a worthy tool when it comes to keeping files safe. It can shine if your computer is used by multiple people, and you want to be sure nobody will have access to your work. 

Only thing you need to worry about is remembering the phrase, and make sure encrypted files won't be delete by someone else.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 844KB

SHA256: 2aa29e5d6c1520877c1589c0bd1437f1ccb2ff68b7b30b8a33ee3b09641c5647

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