WebCamImageSave 1.11

WebCamImageSave is portable Webcam capture tool that allows you to easily capture a still image from your camera every number of seconds that you choose, and save it into image on your disk. You can format the saved image filename with the date/time that the image was taken according to your preference.WebCamImageSave also adds a label with the date/time that the image was captured into the image, by using the font, color, and date/time format that you choose. You can also capture a single camera image from command-line, without displaying any user interface.

A webcam can easily double as a surveillance tool if you have the necessary software to manage the recording of video or of still images.
NirSofer’s WebCamImageSave is designed as very simple way to automatically capture an image at a user-defined time interval and store it locally.

The program does not require installation and provided that there is a webcam attached to the system it can work out of the box. In this case the video window of the application should automatically display images from the camera.

However, when started for the first time the panel with capture options is also presented. This is where you can configure the application to save captured images to a specific location.

Moreover, WebCamImageSave can be set to take a snapshot every few seconds and save it with a specific JPEG quality. Keep in mind that a higher quality leads to a larger output file and a shorter capture frequency results in a large number of files.

Each image is stamped with the time it was captured at and the current date. The mark can be positioned to any of the corners. Furthermore, the user is presented with the possibility to select a certain color for the text and choose the hue for the shade.

Also configurable is the name of the file, which can be a custom one or derived from the time and date values, which would be our recommendation for easier reaching a point in time when reviewing the pictures.

WebCamImageSave has a smooth learning curve even for a beginner user as it does not include any complicated options; this may also be the reason that some users might discard it.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 49.4KB

SHA256: 5e3f311ae67f046b56435067bcdd39fbf836fa0421fbc8c8b0e43e8e47524954

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