CyberKit 2.5

CyberKit is a collection of network tools. The clients is what CyberKit is all about. There are numerous ways to start a client. CyberKit is a network utility that combines Ping, TraceRoute, WhoIs, Finger, NS LookUp, Time Synchronizer, NetScanner, DBScanner, CheckMail and KeepAlive in one easy to use utility. CyberKit is intended to provide network administrators with a monitoring and diagnostics software solution that they can use to check the availablility of a workstation and perform various other commands.

The suite comprises multiple tools that can prove useful. For instance, the 'Ping' utility helps you send requests to any IP address in the network at a predefined time interval. 

You can configure parameters such as the number of pings, the timeout, the delay or the number and size of the packets to send to each host. Furthermore, advanced users have the possibility to manually edit the HOSTS file.

CyberKit can perform tracerouting, which means that you can use it to view a list of all the network nodes and the time needed to establish a connection. 

Additionally, it can use the 'finger' command to get data on all the users registered to a specific remote computer or generate information concerning a certain domain with the help of the 'whois' function. 

This latter utility uses various whois servers in order to accomplish its task. The NSLookUp (Name Server LookUp) is another utility that comes bundled in the package. It is designed to reveal details about the local hostname and its assigned IP addresses.

The 'Time' option is intended to provide a fast way to synchronize the local clock on all the computers in the network, while the NetInfo displays information regarding the number of sent and received messages, errors, parameter issues, redirects, echos and much more.

The 'PortScanner' function assists you in finding opened ports within the network, while the integrated mail checker can help you manage all your accounts and get notifications about unread messages.

On an ending note, we could say that CyberKit comes with all the tools that administrators require in order to keep an eye on their network and all its components.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.45MB

SHA256: 2727f339eaaacdfcb5968b5584bc94f63b3b2173dd6313f14b90cd8d51acb15d

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