Autorun File Remover 1.5

Autorun File Remover is a Portable  utility that enables you to detect and remove autorun files that are located on flash drives. AutoRun is a Windows feature that eases the day of everyone but in some cases it’s best to be without it. Because of it, you can easily get infected by autorun viruses that are let loose into your system the moment AutoRun opens the infected file. These files are found on USB drives and CD/DVD discs. Autorun File Remover Portable is a tool that you can use to remove these viruses from you flash drives in a simple manner. No installation is required.

Autorun is the built-in feature of Windows that allows applications to run automatically from USB/CD drives as soon as they are inserted.

This feature is often exploited by Viruses to spread from one system to another. Due to these security concerns it is always advised to Disable Autorun on your system. Even these Autorun files (autorun.inf) are not removed by most of the Anti-virus softwares.

In such cases, Autorun File Remover helps you to quickly scan and remove any dangerous Autorun files. It automatically parses every Autorun file and finds the Executable file path.

Autorun File Remover quickly scans the newly inserted drive and immediately takes action. Being the portable version of Autorun File Remover, the utility doesn’t need any installation and does not affect your system registry. 

This means that you can take Autorun File Remover Portable anywhere with you and use it as an on the fly solution. The application displays a comprehensive interface with no complex settings or hidden menus which makes it a great tool for urgent situations.

With this application you can remove malicious components, that are usually very difficult to remove. With Autorun File Remover Portable you can perform a thorough analysis threat and have the utility display all the detected files inside the main window of the application. To remove the files takes just one click.

Autorun File Remover Portable is one of those applications that is meant to do the job but you need to be careful what you delete as the application can detect as harmful applications that are not.

Autorun viruses are among the most dangerous types there are. They move fast and in most cases pass undetected from antivirus applications. Luckily Autorun File Remover Portable is an application that is capable of dealing with these kinds of threats.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 997KB

SHA256: 4561329043c2bf26ccb4f6881cf9fb540fc70d4e20a59c6de21546ec190cc007

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