TThrottle 7.52

TThrottle measures the processor core temperature, GPU temperature, and displays it in a graphic. Additionally you can reduce the amount of time a program uses to reduce the processor/gpu temperature. It was initially build to limit the time BOINC programs use. This in order to keep the temperature and the fan noise in check. Or make the computer less sluggish. You can make a list of programs, if one of the programs becomes active these programs are used to keep the temperature below a user set value.

TThrottle helps you keep an eye on the temperature of the processor and the GPU, in order to make sure that your hardware components don't overheat, which could result in permanent damage to the system.

TThrottle can only work with Intel and AMD processors, since their internal temperature sensor allows it to measure the core temperature. 

Aside from displaying the temperatures, it enables you to set thresholds and takes the proper actions to prevent the system from exceeding these maximum values. It does so by adjusting the time processes can run on your computer, stopping them in case a threshold exceeding is inevitable.

However, you can also set other action rules that instruct the application to send you notifications via e-mail, run sound alerts or simply shutdown, hibernate or reboot the computer.

Its main window enables you to build up the list of programs that will be supervised, displaying their number of active threads. By default, it imports all the detected processes, so you should take the time to filter the entries and remove the items that are vital to the system functioning.

There is another way to prevent overheating with TThrottle. If you set the maximum and the minimum run percentages to the same value, the application will keep all the processes running for a certain amount of time (for instance, 70% of the time), but without taking into consideration the temperature limits.

The application can generate an intelligible graph containing information about the evolution of the acquired temperatures, with a time range that varies from a few minutes to 12 hours.

TThrottle is designed for expert use, since its actions can affect the system's functionality. Its operation mode can be adapted to the system type (desktop PC or laptop) and its safety measures can protect your system.

Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 10.2MB

SHA256: 4e68641d13dcb9381264c703dda0c6f71113454834cd7ab7ac1191199fc60bbb

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