System Proxy Switcher 1.0.0

System Proxy Switcher is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to change the external IP address of your system by specifying the proxy server. The program provides a list of addresses of proxy servers, nor does it allow automatic connection. Therefore, the need to manually select the IP address of proxy server regardless of whether it is a public or encrypted. The software then offers only change the IP address of your system, ie. if you are using an encrypted proxy server, you will need to fill in login information.

System Proxy Switcher is a simple to use application dedicated to changing the outgoing IP address of your system, replacing it with the specified proxy server. This lightweight tool can thus help you browse the Internet anonymously and protect important information about yourself.

System Proxy Switcher is small and uncomplicated, serving as a GUI for the system IP modifying function. It allows you to specify any IP address that you wish, in the designated field, as well as enter the corresponding port.

The program does not provide you with lists of proxy server addresses, nor does it feature automatic connection features. Therefore, you need to manually provide the proxy server IP address, regardless if it is a public one or an encrypted one.

The program allows you only to change the IP address of your system, so in case you are using an encrypted proxy server, you need to provide the login credentials before you can access any URL, from your browser.

System Proxy Switcher allows you to clear the previously entered information and to reset the IP address of your system, with two mouse clicks. You need to simply select the ‘No proxy’ option and click the ‘Set’ button, for the change to take place.

A notification bubble is prompted in the lower right corner of your screen, near the system tray area, whenever you make changes to the IP address. Moreover, the program indicates the current IP configuration in its interface.

By default, System Proxy Switcher displays a small notification bubble on the screen, informing you of the successful IP address modification. You may disable this feature if you wish, with one mouse click, by checking the ‘Silent’ box at the top of the program’s window.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 348KB

SHA256: 42b638b2fde0708416a5ee00852ce51a0c0b68275ff5d574eafac2ee1f2b49a0

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