Stickies 8.0c

Stickies is a small and simple PC utility. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the Registry. Stickies stores all information in a single text-based INI file. Stickies will never support animated dancing figures, or play "Greensleeves". They are instead yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some text notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you take them away. Just like a real sticky piece of paper. First of all, the program can very well play the role of a reminder, which means you can write down a note and set a time and date for a reminder.

Stickies is a very easy to use Windows application that allows you to take notes straight from your desktop, providing a great amount of features to enhance the whole experience.

If you wish to share your notes, you can do that using the built-in TCP/IP network support, or the SMTP email server, which are both great for those who want to send a note with just a few clicks. 

The app can play sounds every time a file is received, while a separate feature gives you the power to create a friend list and save your favorite contacts.

Additionally, Stickies comes with an integrated backup feature for easy saving of your important notes, but also with hiding tools for keeping some of the notes away from the desktop.

The settings menu is quite impressive and comprises options regarding almost every single feature of the app, which means that you can set up appearance, network, email, PDAs for file transfers to mobile devices, alerts and hotkeys.

And speaking of hotkeys, you're allowed to use keyboard shortcuts for creating a new sticky either using the standard settings or the clipboard content, for showing and hiding notes or just for revealing secret stickies.

Of course, Stickies is far from becoming a resource hog and works like a charm no matter the Windows version installed on your computer.

As a conclusion, Stickies does its job very well and impresses mostly thanks to the great amount of features it provides. Plus, it boasts a nice interface and simple tools addressed to both beginners and those more experienced.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.40MB

SHA256: f89933b1eab11e72f5f28137e7908903025e23cf4417866bab744ac01331e550

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