Spyrix Free Keylogger 7.0

Spyrix Free Keylogger lets you monitor what any or all users are doing on your computer by recording their keystrokes and taking periodic screenshots. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids' online activity or want to ensure that your employees are staying on task, this program offers a nice set of features to help you do just that. In addition to keylogging function the program makes screenshots, controls printers, USB devices and activity in applications. Spyrix Free Keylogger records activity invisibly, it's practically not impossible to detect it on PC.

Spyrix Free Keylogger provides you with an easy to use monitoring tool that can record the activity on a shared PC. Commonly known as a keylogger, this type of surveillance application is designed to help you keep an eye on the actions of other users that have access to the computer (especially children), in order to make sure that they do not access inappropriate websites or do not download malicious programs.

Spyrix Free Keylogger is undetectable in hidden mode, as it does not appear in the system tray or the task manager and you can also remove it from the list of installed programs, in order to make sure that no other user finds out about its presence. The main window is only displayed when the user-defined key combination is pressed.

The range of logged events includes keystrokes and Clipboard items, recorded for all computer users. Additionally, desktop screenshots are taken when a new event occurs (for instance, when the active window is changed).

In addition to this, the program can store information about the user session and display a list of all the accessed applications, together with their start and shut down time. Last but not least, users can configure the maximum size for the log and taken screenshots, as well as schedule periodical log deletion.

All in all, Spyrix Free Keylogger provides you with an easy to configure surveillance tool that can help you make sure that your children are not spending too much time playing or chatting, rather than working for school.

The computer’s performance is not going to be hampered as the amount of resources required is minimal, and the response time is good.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.66MB

SHA256: 59edb9738f7fcd69c4af12ad8aead2a1ad2c9ecc15a63d8decb91343e7e15fbe

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