SongBase 3.0.4

Make music on your laptop or PC with SongBase. Songs can have up to 15 instrumental voices and a percussion track with instruments chosen from either the default soundbank of 128 instruments or other soundbanks of your choice. Songs can be developed, tested and edited very quickly and easily by virtue of the database structure and the JFugue MusicString notation. Notes within a MusicString are specified by their name and octave or by their MIDI value and their durations are specified either by character code, or numerically.

SongBase is a piece of software that relies on a different way in which you can write and create music. It’s an application built around Java that uses a database to create song templates from a number of instruments.

 If you’re used to creating music using tools that rely on loop insertion and editing then SongBase is not for you. To be able to use this application you need to have some basic knowledge about writing music because notes are specified by their name and octave, or alternatively, by the afferent MIDI value.

The entire process of creating the song is somewhat complicated when compared to similar software (though similar hardly applies). You first need to tell the application to create a template, then access a new desktop shortcut to access the database in order to get started. 

From that point on there are a few more steps to follow but luckily SongBase comes with detailed documentation that should help you speed things along.

Once you make your way through the basics of the application, you get to see how easy it actually is to create the songs and manage them. From the songs form window you are able to add new projects and customize their information in the simple way you edit cells in Excel.

The data strings and patterns that make up the track can be edited with one click and this applies to both them as well as their content.

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for a solution that allows MIDI and MusicXML creation and exporting, then you can certainly try SongBase.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 9.37MB

SHA256: 1d2119596fdfc191df9bb935219ce9aee643869a4423326a9fba2f0d1b12a9d0

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