Smart System Repair 1.4

Smart System Repair is a tool that is able to maintain the system in good condition. Using available tools can be repaired, reset, optimize or customize the system so that their use was most user friendly and yet effective. The applications can be solved in a short time the most common problems that may occur from time to time. Are an integral part functions shut down, restart, hibernate, change the desktop background, or create a restore point. The software is designed to help you optimize the speed and functionality of your computer, by helping you clean or repair it.

Smart System Repair is a lightweight and easy to use application, designed to help you improve the speed, life span and health of your system. When running on autonomous computers, such as laptops, it can also detect the level of battery that remains or indicate whether the machine is plugged in. 

Additionally, the software offers quick options for safely shutdown, restart or send your system to hibernation state. The same set of options include a tool that allows you to easily change the desktop background.

This Java based application does not invade system folders or files, however, it can indicate which registry contains the data that interests you and prompts the Windows Registry Cleaner. 

Otherwise, it can run the repair actions through command line, such as fix Windows Installer Service, the Update Service, the WMI, the Firewall, Bootmgr or the management context menu in My Computer. The software can also repair or recover deleted files.

Smart System Repair is designed to work with the startup/shutdown manager in Windows and thus disable unnecessary programs that are set to autorun or auto-shutdown. Moreover, the software can prompt the disk cleanup, defragmenter or remove temporary files. You may easily fix the Task Manager in case any errors occur.

Additionally, it can reset options set with the several Internet browsers that run on your computer or erase the search suggestions. The customization center allows you to easily tweak several parameters of your system. 

For instance, you may turn on/of the auto-play, enable/disable the administrator account, turn on/off the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer. Most of the options in this tab prompt the Windows Registry Editor, but some of them are operated through command line.

Smart System Repair allows you to quickly repair several aspects of your computer’s functions. You can speed up several processes, such as startup, shutdown, Internet connection, disk defragmentation or optimize the system reboot.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 6.86MB

SHA256: 9f22c4951de63cfb9306de71da2fac6e8d0fe7aed7e2e631cf5bb937d4fee1fb

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