Notepad2-mod 4.2.2

Notepad2-mod is a lightweight text editor with syntax highlighting for a few commonly used languages and some new features beyond regular Notepad2 like code folding, bookmarks and additional languages. Notepad2-mod is an enhanced edition of Notepad2, aiming to provide users with an even better alternative to the default text editor of Windows. There's text formatting and editing options with functions that are specific to an IDE, so as to allow code editing as well. During install, Notepad2-mod can be configured to completely replace Notepad in Windows or run alongside it.

While the interface is quite similar and just as simple as Notepad's GUI, the significant changes are under the hood.

The editor is much more powerful, with lots of additional features, such as line numbering, word wrapping, code folding, auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and support for multiple schemes (source code and configuration files, scripts, CSS style sheets, HTML or XML documents and more).

Notepad2-mod comes with advanced text manipulation options, enabling you to work with entire lines or text blocks. It can invert the text case, automatically insert filenames, identifiers, tags, dates, or comments, and easily convert from char to hex and vice-versa.

Thanks to the built-in search function and the bookmarking system, navigating throughout the code is much easier. Unlike its brother, Notepad2, it can be configured to mark all occurrences of a word within a text.

Notepad2-mod is a viable alternative if you are looking for an enhanced Notepad edition, providing a rich settings toolbox you can take advantage of, in order to write anything from simple text to complex code.

Nevertheless, there are even more features that could add to its value, already included in similar applications. For example, it would come in handy to open new documents in new tabs, rather than new windows, to support spell checking, or to provide support for plugins, so as to allow users to further extend the editor's functionality.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.15MB

SHA256: 7f22eba8d2b20518d38f440bc9f8ac0be1c729932d14f1251ccec47c92c0ec61

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