MRT Mixer 1.1

MRT Mixer is an easy to use and small sized application which does the task of simple audio mixing effectively. The software interface consists of 4 main channels in which four audio tracks can be added at a single time and mixed with each other in order to create a custom remix of your choice.  The interface has some controls for doing experiments with the remix process by altering the volume, tempo, sample bit-rate and pitch of the audio tracks. The user can also create brilliant effects using the combination of equalizers and phaser controls.

MRT Mixer is a lightweight software application that helps users mix audio files by adjusting the volume, tempo and pitch.

It sports a clean interface that offers quick access to four channels, each of them comprising the same features. Unfortunately, it lacks a help manual, so you have to figure out the function of each audio parameter on your own.

You can upload a song for each pane by using only the browse function, as the program doesn’t offer support for the “drag and drop” method for this purpose.

It is possible to create a playlist, and with a double-click on any track you can select one of the available channels, or let the program play the song in all channels. You can drag and drop the audio files directly into the playlist dialog.

MRT Mixer works with a total of three file formats, namely MP3, WMA and WAV. It features four built-in players that allow users to stop, play or pause the current audio selection.

Furthermore, you can adjust the volume, tempo, sample rate and pitch, as well as enable or disable the equalizer. It is possible to apply special effects (e.g. echo, flanger, rotate, backward), as well as reset the configured settings to the default values.

You may add multiple items to the playlist, delete the selected ones or clear the entire list. As a major drawback of the program, the generated compositions cannot be exported to a file.

Overall, MRT Mixer is a simple application that packs only a few dedicated parameters for helping you mix audio files.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.21MB

SHA256: e86223c1f7c279f6ac1e875c7cb0225eb2486ac8a871176222b15c6b7ff9457d

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