CPUID PerfMonitor 2.04

PerfMonitor is a portable processor performance  monitoring utility tool by CPUID that lets users monitor and provide information on system performance. This software tracks performance bottlenecks, Cache-miss rate and mis-predicted branches. It also supports HyperThreading that serves as a benchmarking tool when comparing two CPUs.When using PerfMonitor, users can monitor up to 4 events with a graph to display the chosen events. No installation is required to use the tool, simply launch the executable and it's ready to go.

CPUID PerfMonitor is a software application that monitors the performance of your computer. It is able to display important data about the CPU level, core temperature and package power.

The user interface is intuitive and you should be able to master this program pretty quickly. Thanks to its clean layout and overall simplicity, it appeals to beginners and experts alike.

The app allows users to select a processor, provided that your system includes more the one, and once you have selected it, the application automatically displays the details about it in the main window.

The program is able to display four main events that are tracked on the processor. You can select the counters that you want to be tracked, and the reported data is displayed in the main window with the help of a graph. CPUID PerfMonitor displays basic information about your processor and also reveals important data, such as core or CPU level.

The useful information included in the reports can be saved to plain text file format, so you can later analyze your computer’s performance details.

The application provides several events that can be tracked, such as cache requests, branch instruction rate, instruction per clock, stalled cycles ratio, usage, power and temperature.

To sum up, CPUID PerfMonitor is a handy tool that can help you gather important data about your computer’s performance. It’s easy to work with and also light on your system resources.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 756KB

SHA256: 893f049ce6cc30cddd43549995a22b42a86802d27ec04a408b6a538b7700124f

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