XnSketch 1.14

XnSketch is a portable app that enables you to convert your photos into cartoons or sketches by applying different image effects that mimic various sketching techniques. You can click on any of the available effects, preview the result, and optionally customize it by adjusting contrast, exposure, saturation and other settings. The program offers about 20 different styles to choose from. They include B&W sketches, Oil, Cartoon, Neon, Hatching, Halftone, Pastel, Pencil, and more. The application comes in a conveniently small package and no installation is required.

With social networks flourishing while greatly enhancing communication and file sharing, users worldwide catch a trend to upload various photos to express feelings. From simple selfies to drawings and completely altered images, applications like XnSketch are the proper workstation for image processing and enhancement.

The whole process is incredibly simple, quick and intuitive. You can either load image files from a dedicated menu or drag them over the main window. What's more, the application supports a staggering amount of formats, such as common JPG or PNG, as well as ICO, MIF, PCX, PIC, PRC, GIF.

As soon as the image loads, it is automatically transformed according to the selected presets. The application applies a few effects, making your picture look like a sketch, drawing, oil painting or more. The list of effects is decent, each with a set of dedicated customization options.

Regardless of your choice, color settings like brightness, contrast, gamma, exposure and saturation can easily be adjusted using corresponding sliders, with more settings becoming available depending on the selected preset

All things considered, we reach the conclusion that XnSketch is highly recommended for enthusiasts that work on a daily basis with pictures of all kinds.

It lets you completely alter images, with results resembling hand drawings, sketches, halftones and a lot more presets. Even though customization is slightly limited, it still manages to live up to expectations through its simplicity.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 14.5MB

SHA256: 3875755d60aeb6d30eec7602eca968e083f21e09e3ad84e08f87614a72124677

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