TClean 1.0

TClean is a free, small portable application utility designed to remove temporary system files on your computer. Temporary system files are stored in a specific Windows directory which are used by applications that need to temporary write a file for various purposes such as installing a program. A number of applications fail to remove these files after storing them which results in this directory growing in size and taking up space on your hard drive. TClean solves this problem by removing temporary files without harming your system.

TClean is a lightweight utility that can help you rid your system of unnecessary temporary files, stored in dedicated folders. The software can easily scan your computer, identify the default folder for storing temporary files, then allows you to remove all of them, permanently, with one mouse click.

The temporary files are those service documents that are generated by certain applications that run on your computer. They store information that the program needs at a particular moment or the history of actions performed. However, when you uninstall the software or finish the work session, the files remain on your computer, taking up hard disk space.

While these files are rather small in size, they tend to pile up in a short time, thus encumbering your system, taking up hard disk space and blocking resources. 

Some of them can be manually erased, while others can only be detected with the proper software. Thus, TClean, can come in handy when you wish to clear temporary files from your computer.

TClean is small and portable, which means does not require installation. It is a stand alone application, which enables you to quickly remove the temporary files it detects on your computer. 

The software can display the number of temporary files stored on your computer and allows you to immediately remove them.

All the files detected as temporary are deleted, except those that are still in use by certain programs. Thus, the software can also indicate how many files have been erased in each session.

Cleaning the temporary files from your computer ensures more hard disk space and better performance. This is why, TClean allows you to remove the temporary files from your computer with one mouse click. It can indicate the number of files it detects on the computer, as well as the number of erased files in one session.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 436KB

SHA256: 5c0417c94eec3243611a4d8bbe3d0580cef9a4d87768b873e11ceb4e5eb26d58

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