SyncBreeze 7.4.3

SyncBreeze is simple file synchronization tool that allows you to sync files between two directories, disks or networked computers. It supports basic one-way and two-way synchronization modes with an option to create rules that exclude selected directories file types from the process. You can preview all operations before any files are copied or deleted. Synchronizations cannot be scheduled, however the program allows you to create shortcuts on your desktop (or via keyboard) that can launch a sync job with a single click of the mouse.

Sync Breeze makes it easy for you to run file and folder synchronizations across local disks, shared network locations, NAS and other storage devices. With its help, you can make sure that content stored in different folders is always up to date.

 Aiming to meet the requirements of all users, it features various synchronization modes. You can use it for various one-way and two-way sync tasks that can adapt to a user's particular needs.

Whether you want to update the source, the destination folder or both, copy just the modified files or the entire content, Sync Breeze can do it all.

All the tasks can be monitored within its main window, which displays a clean layout, with intelligible and clear options.

Creating a new task is easy and more advanced users will be happy to find out that there are multiple exclusion and filtering options that they can configure in the 'Extended' and 'Expert' mode.

 You start by selecting the source and the destination directories, as well as a sync method. Sync Breeze allows file synchronization with preview, which means that the application provides a list of files that should be copied.

The application features multi-streamed synchronizations but unlike the Pro and Ultimate editions, it does not allow scheduled tasks.

You can easily filter the content by various criteria, such as category, name, file size or attribute values, a HEX pattern, path, extension, last accessed or modification date and many more. Moreover, exclusion rules can be configured.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.07MB

SHA256: 79d4baebf65c919609f1b476ba2902d6c74a542c7bb9154e830ae26a33b64470

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