SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.6

SoftPerfect RAM Disk enables you to create virtual hard disks that are temporarily stored in the memory (RAM) of your computer instead of on your hard drive, thereby allowing much faster file access than with a physical hard disk. While the virtual RAM drives are mounted, they can be accessed just like any other drive from Windows Explorer. Once you unmount a RAM disk, the content is deleted and the memory is released. The use of RAM disks is primarily useful for providing faster access to temporary data.

Since the memory is faster than the physical hard disk, this transfer can reduce the response time of your computer, as well as prolong the life of your hardware components by avoiding the intesive use of the hard drive.

The application is capable of creating as many virtual disks as you need, with any size, the only limitation being the number of available drive letters and the free storage space. The new disk can gather data on a RAW, FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file system and be mounted as removable.

All the created virtual storage spaces can be easily managed within the main interface of SoftPerfect RAM Disk, which displays the mounted disks, along with their size and type. For identification purposes, you can assign a label to each volume, while the disk space can be saved by enabling compression.

Additionally, the application enables you to create a volume or hard disk image and periodically copy the content of the drive to the associated image, for safe keeping. Images can be then mounted as a separate drive and you can explore their content.

The newly created virtual disk can be accessed using Windows Explorer, recognized by other applications and used for storing all types of temporary information.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk provides a way to harness the resources of your system in an efficient manner by using the memory as a faster alternative to the hard disk storage space.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.28MB

SHA256: 6b0ffae132afafbf5f19080c4526027b440a5afc19b4444514c394c87c1ad51e

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