SnipDock 1.0

SnipDock enables you to "snip" any portion of your screen and dock it along the side of your desktop for easy reference e.g. while you are working on a project. You can take a snapshot of any user defined portion of your screen and quickly use it as a reference display. This could include partial text from a website, a data table/graph, step-by-step instruction or anything else that you want to refer to while you're working. SnipDock can automatically dock and resize itself along the left or right side of the screen, or you can use it as a floating window if you need more flexibility.

SnipDock is a lightweight and straightforward software solution that offers you the possibility to snapshot an area of your desktop, then keep the image on top of other windows. This way you can continue working on your computer and view that image without changing between windows.

The installation process runs smooth and fast, not bringing any surprises, so in no time you can use SnipDock. The application features a simple and intuitive interface that is docked on your desktop. 

You can change its position by selecting it to be docked on the left or the right side, as well as selecting the float option so you can move its main window wherever you want.

After you click on the Snip Screen button you can select the area of the desktop that interests you, then SnipDock automatically snapshots it and displays the captured image. 

No matter the size of the area you select to capture, SnipDock will adjust its window accordingly, but you can also zoom in and out of the picture using the mouse wheel or scrolling with the touchpad.

All the created snapshots are saved in your Pictures folder and you can disable them to be displayed on the SnipDock's interface after you captured the images.

The software solution provides you with the possibility to clear the snapshot from the main window when you don't need it anymore.

To sum things up, SnipDock, with its clean interface, was specifically designed to help you create snapshots that you can easily view, since they are displayed on top of other windows of any applications, even if the are maximized.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 170KB

SHA256: c1faa268b839da99a3713115a99603c3beae01a1dede13437df75d5a8f2992f1

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