Screen Task 1.0.0

ScreenTask provides a quick and easy way to share your desktop with other users on the local network via LAN or Wifi connection. When you start ScreenTask, it automatically starts a local web server that streams your current desktop activity. You only need to provide your user(s) with the http link (e.g. and they will be able to view your desktop from any browser. ScreenTask is not a remote control software, it only allows remote viewing of your desktop for as long as you choose to keep the server running. There is also an option to limit viewing access.

Screen Task is designed to facilitate screen sharing among users in the same local network, allowing one to easily view the desktop of a remote computer in real time

Based on a client-server architecture, this simple application makes it possible for you to share your desktop screen with others, provided their computers are connected to the same local network, be it wireless or not.

One of its utmost advantages is that no additional software is required to view the remote desktop, since this is done using any web browser, via a simple web interface where users can manually set the refresh time interval and watch the broadcast in full screen.

Screen Task features an intuitive GUI that comprises a minimalistic set of options. You just have to select the IP address from the drop down list and choose the port number before starting the server. It is possible to change the refresh time interval from the main window and instruct the application to capture the mouse cursor as well.

One interesting feature of Screen Task is the private task option. You can restrict the access of others to the server by assigning it a username and a password. This way, you are the one who decides which network user can view your desktop and which cannot.

The server-side of Screen Task broadcasts desktop images throughout the network, allowing any other user to view your computer screen and activity. 

This comes in handy in various situations, especially when you want to help others solve problems they are having with their own PC. 

Please note that Screen Task is not designed for remote control, but simply allows you to view a remote screen in real time.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 245KB

SHA256: c1b706b2e4e5cb978b157ffb6912a13eca842ea019b84c64ca55c1dcb95ced00

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