Rohos Mini Drive 2.1

Rohos Mini Drive enables you to create a secure, virtual partition on any USB drive, allowing you to have a portion of your drive password protected. You can define a custom size for the partition and use it to securely store sensitive documents, while leaving the rest of the drive for non-sensitive files. Once unlocked you can access and use the secure volume just like any other drive and manage your files with Windows Explorer. When the drive is disconnected, the secure partition is hidden in a password protected executable and remains inaccessible until it is unlocked by you.

Users have plenty of choices for protecting sensitive information and encryption is one of them. Rohos Mini Drive is designed as a solution for encrypting data on removable USB drives by creating a secure partition on them.

The interface is simple and guides the user through the steps that lead to creating a password protected encrypted area on the drive and hiding it so that stored information is stored safe and sound.

Upon creating this protected area there is the possibility to customize the size of the container, the file system as well as the encryption algorithm that secures it.

Once the encrypted drive is set up all the necessary utilities for accessing it are available on the removable drive, thus allowing the user access to the data regardless of the computer the USB is hooked to.

The additional partition is mounted as a virtual drive if the correct access password is provided and the data can be accessed with no restrictions. This location is visible on the system only when mounted.

For easier handling the application also makes available a file manager that permits organization of the files into folders. It is a simple utility that provides the basic options for navigating between different locations.

Additional options available in Rohos Mini Drive include encrypting applications and folders. Any folder you choose is connected to the protected disk and cannot be explored unless the secure drive is mounted.

This operation entails moving all the data to the encrypted partition on the removable drive and replacing the original entry with a symbolic link.

The application makes for a good alternative for keeping private data away from prying eyes and having access to it regardless of the computer used for connecting the USB drive.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 7.26MB

SHA256: a8f5697360ba2734a1f553936907cc40b2c68a2d4b3d7a1da9cfc28cc6ec53c6

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