Oxynger KeyShield 1.1.0

Oxynger KeyShield Portable is a secure on-screen keyboard that enables you to type passwords and other sensitive information without running the risk of having your keystrokes captured by a hardware or software keylogger, screen logger or other malicious application. The program also offers an option to use a random keyboard layout, which can prevent mouse loggers to guess your on-screen keys by using the key positions of a standard keyboard layout. The  built-in screen capture protection prevents screen recording software to capture the KeyShield keyboard.

Keyloggers are no mystery among computer users but if this is the first time you encounter that term, it’s best you Google it because you might be exposed to some unwanted software.

Basically, a keylogger is an application that is built to monitor, record and unfortunately send out a log of all the keys you press on your keyboard. 
It’s not malware, but it can do harm if for example, you’re abroad on vacation and use an Internet cafe to send an email to your mom which contains credit card information and other sensitive data.

Portable Oxynger KeyShield is an application that is designed to make sure that doesn’t happen. With it you are able to run a virtual keyboard on your computer and use it to type, thus remaining invisible to a keylogger.
When you run it, Portable Oxynger KeyShield is nothing more than a good looking keyboard which you can resize and place anywhere on your screen but under the hood, there’s more to it.

Apart from offering protection against keylogging, it also provides a few neat options that further enhance the level of protection you get. 
Apart from rendering keyloggers oblivious to what you type, you can also toggle small keys, type with a small dot cursor as well as remove highlighting for the keys you click (shoulder surfing protection).

Most high-end antivirus solutions can detect keyloggers but even if you own one, it’s still good to have an extra security tool on our side whenever you make an online transaction. So, why not try Portable Oxynger KeyShield, after all, it’s lightweight, handy and very easy to use.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.03MB

SHA256: af252d7fc66ab591487a837e19b771a46e2ef9a57891b111e3f89c150931214d

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