iMeme 1.0

iMeme is a simple software that makes it easy to create your own custom Internet memes.The program comes with more than 100 templates of popular memes that you can customize with your own caption. The text can be sized and aligned for best fit. If the included memes are not enough, you can also load your own images into iMeme. Your meme can be exported and saved in JPG format. Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, this application aims to help you generate a new meme in just a matter of seconds, save the resulting image to your computer and then share it with others.

The Internet is an infinite information collection and entertainment source, with videos and funny images that go viral instantly. Internet users usually enjoy sharing humor-centered content, such as the ever popular memes.

While there isn't a shortage of them online, you might want to create your own, original ones and iMeme is designed to help you do just that.

Its interface is simple, comprising a large preview area where you can see what the meme will look like. On the left side, it encases a list containing some of the most popular memes out there, sorted in alphabetical order, which you can customize with your own header and footer text to generate a new funny image.

Custom memes can be created just as easy. You start by importing the desired image to iMeme, then you can overlap header and footer text of adjustable size and alignment. 

The style consists of the well-known white block letters to make the text distinct, regardless of the photo content.The application is only compatible with a few input formats, namely BMP, GIF, JPEg, JPG and PNG files, but this should be more than enough for creating a simple meme. 

The result can be saved in JPG format only to a location of your choice and then published online or shared with your friends.

iMeme makes it easy for you to generate new memes you and your friends will enjoy and laugh about. You can capture your favorite character in a meme, publish it online and thus join this Internet phenomena. And who knows, maybe your own personalized meme will go viral!

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 11.1MB

SHA256: 528edaa6e3e1d441d51c49285d91efdffb1fead413282ed7ff4357a9bd5de640

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