Cloudfogger 1.4.2

Cloudfogger is a file encryption tool that you can use to encrypt local files and/or files that you are synchronizing with online cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, SkyDrive and others. You can use the program to encrypt a file from the right-click menu in WIndows Explorer, using a master password that only needs to be set once. Cloudfogger also creates a virtual drive letter that acts as a secure container and automatically encrypts all files that are added to it. The files in your virtual drive are encrypted/decrypted on-the-fly.

They can be accessed from any application - no need to enter a password as long as the drive is unlocked. Once you lock your drive, the files will become inaccessible without the proper password.

To use Cloudfogger with your cloud service, you'll need to select the folder that you are using to sync with the cloud (e.g. your Dropbox folder) and the program will automatically sync your encrypted files with the selected folder.

Each time you add a file to your local Cloudfogger drive, an encrypted version will also be added to your Dropbox folder. Other features include optional sharing of encrypted file via an integrated sharing service (requires email registration) and secure file deletion. Cloudfogger uses AES encryption to protect your data.

One thing that needs to be mentioned before going on with more technical details is that Cloudfogger is not strictly dedicated to what the name tricks you into believing, namely protecting your cloud space, the application being usable on any kind of environment.

With an intuitive design and guided configuration before the first run, you quickly get the hang of it. Target folders need to be chosen, with an additional option to select users that can access encrypted files. This is done by sending an email to the target sharing partner, but the application must be deployed on each machine.

What's more, there is no strict connection to your cloud space. In order to keep files encrypted this way you simply need to choose a folder from your virtual storage space. 

Unfortunately, there's no implemented method to quickly send files to protected directories or the cloud service. In order for everything to flawlessly function, the application must be running at all times.

On an ending note, Cloudfogger is basically an encryption method with a fancy presentation to trick you into thinking it's dedicated to cloud usage. 

However, only one encryption algorithm is used, with no customization options, nor the possibility to provide an additional password. Attention is required on your behalf so you don't lose important content.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 10.6MB

SHA256: 7164de120fd23112a00fea8c90afacdece842760336808fa39d6474a1d934d54

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