Clicky Gone 1.4.4

Clicky Gone is a portable app that provides a fast way to hide selected application windows from your desktop without showing them in the taskbar. You can hide a window by simply holding down a user defined keyboard key and clicking on the titlebar of the window you want to hide. The program can also hide the active window, and optionally mute the sound, by use of a `Boss Key` keyboard shortcut. The application features a simplistic main window with all necessary option tabs on one side, making it easy to navigate through, after all, it was made to provide a little bit more comfort.

Having multiple windows open will not only fill your desktop and task bar, but can become a time consuming process once you start figuring out which one you need.

Some applications come with the function to be minimized to system tray, for more comfort however, for those that don't, there is this application called Clicky Gone. It provides a more efficient window management alternative to manually sorting them out.

By simply pressing a combination of buttons, which you can edit in any given moment, you will be able to minimize everything, or bring them to the system tray, even if the application does not have such an integrated feature. 

In addition, you can keep processes running while minimized, and even prevent pop ups from appearing, in case of errors or task completion.

There is also an option which prevents full screen application from being minimized, in case you accidentally press the hotkeys that do so. 

Furthermore, a “Boss Mode” feature gives you the ability to mute system sound when placing the desired window in the task bar, or system tray.

Taking everything into consideration we can say that Clicky Gone is a neat little utility you might want to have around. It offers a helping hand when too many windows are on your desktop, giving you the ability to bring all of them down with a simple combination of keys, so you don't have to close them.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.18MB

SHA256: d23fb7fb5ad1d82e000a577b89fa2fa20abe5d0cac3756ca8242b402e12d3c48

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