BCArchive 2.06

BCArchive enables you to protect your confidential files by adding them to a secure, password protected container. To access the files, all you have to do is enter the archive password and open it to view or edit the files. You can also create a self-extracting version, that allows you to send secure archives by email, that can be opened with the proper password, but do not require BCArchive to be installed on the PC. The program supports strong symmetric encryption algorithms such as Blowfish, IDEA, Triple-DES, CAST5 as well as secure hash algorithms.

BCArchive is a software tool that was developed specifically to help individuals encrypt and compress important data, so that you can safely send it to others.

The installation process is a piece of cake, as it does not last too long and it does not come with any kind of unpleasant surprises. After you complete it, you are greeted by a clean and structured interface. 

It encloses a menu bar, a few buttons, a folder structure and a pane to display details.
Help contents are provided, and they happen to be quite comprehensive, which means that anybody can learn how to handle it at its full potential, regardless of their previous experience with computers.

Once you have configured all these options, you can upload all the files and directories you want to protect with the help of a file browser, as the “drag and drop” function is not integrated. 

All these items are going to be displayed in the main window along with details such as name, size, ratio, type, attributes and modified time. In addition to that, it is possible to rename, delete and hide files, as well as use a search function to look in root or current folder.

To wrap it up, BCArchive proves to be an efficient piece of software when it comes to protecting sensitive information from prying eyes. It does not burden the computer’s performance, all jobs are completed quite fast and the interface is friendly.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 4.25MB

SHA256: 02bc89d6dac65266ac51ed78ef377375fb4d1baeedbfdd38e8a9e2b0b22a6ec5

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