7plus 2.5.0

7plus offers a variety of not-so-common tweaks that are mainly designed to improve file management in Windows Explorer. They include options to create shortcuts for favorite folders, navigate "up" with the Backspace key, upload files to FTP and more. The program also includes a small clipboard manager that tracks recent clips, a tweak to launch Task Manager (or any other program) by double-clicking the taskbar and an option to slide windows off-screen and several other unique tweaking features (many of them triggered via keyboard shortcuts).

7plus is a free open-source program which aspires to make working with Windows as comfortable as possible. The feature set it adds to Windows ranges from interface extensions to the explorer to highly specialized solutions for all common tasks.

With the goal of reducing the work load for the user. This feature-rich system, powered by AutoHotkey, provides very powerful configuration capabilities to suit the needs you have and those that you have but not know of yet!

The 7plus application was developed to be a small tool which tries to make working with Windows much more comfortable by adding features to explorer, window handling, and lots of other small tweaks.

For example it allows you to quickly upload files to an FTP server directly from explorer with a single hotkey, navigate to your favorite folders with numpad keys, keep windows always on top, etc. 

7plus allows nearly all features to be fully customized. You can change the hotkeys and other parameters defining a feature and you can also create your own features! 7plus uses an event system that is based on triggers, conditions and actions. 

When a trigger (e.g. a hotkey) is activated, 7plus checks if the associated conditions (such as a specific window being active) are fulfilled, and if they are it runs a series of actions (like sending keys, selecting files, etc..). Many features of 7plus are implemented using this system!

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.22MB

SHA256: 8f2da779122a0213546d6ffb35a92c7ab042a41515d76f1e5dc13928700abbfa

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