Saleen FilePro 1.0

From time to time you might end up wondering what takes up space on your hard disk drive. Your operating system comes equipped with several tools with which you can get this info, but gets time-consuming for a thorough approach. Luckily, applications like FilePro make this process easier through a user friendly interface and multiple view types. Running the application brings up the main window equipped with all available features. Your computer is automatically scanned so that a treemap can be generated.

This gives you the possibility to clearly visualize total amount of space on your hard disk drive and how much each file or folder takes up.

In case you find it difficult to navigate through the treemap view, you are able to switch to several other types. Organized in tabs, clicking on either of the other available types, such as treesize, folder or file statistics, offers a different view over the content of your hard disk drive.

The application gives you the possibility to manage all files you stumble upon while in any of the view types mentioned above.

Moreover, another feature lets you select two directories and have content compared and moved around. Comparison is also available for snapshots in order to see how changes occurr at different times.

Another useful features scans your computer for duplicate entries and have them deleted in the end. This helps clean your computer in order to make it run a little smoother.

All in all, FilePro lets you get an in-depth view over space available on your hard disk drive. The interface is easy to use and multiple view types make sure info is delivered successfully.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.41MB

SHA256: 1e08c952efbc23d21cd6e873bba68a7218e08588555bf504a2707847512fefc6

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