DNSQuerySniffer 1.45

A free tool that displays all DNS queries sent on your computer. This network sniffer provides various information about the DNS queries including: Port Number, Host, Request Type, Request/Response Time, and more. It does not require installation, meaning that it is portable. You can just drop the EXE file somewhere on the hard disk and click it to run. As an alternative, you can save DNSQuerySniffer to a pen drive or other mass storage device, to be able to run it on any PC easily, without installing anything beforehand.

DNSQuerySniffer is a lightweight Windows tool that allows users to assess information on DNS queries sent to their computer.

What's more, the tool does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving it clean after removal.

An initial configuration can be made when it comes to selecting the capture method Raw Sockets, WinPcap Packet Capture Driver, Network Monitor Driver and Network Monitor Driver 3.x, in addition to the network adapter and promiscuous mode. These settings can be later changed.

The interface is represented by a normal window with a clear-cut structure, where you can view the host name, port number, query ID, request type and time, response time and code, duration, and total records for each DNS query. 

In order to better analyze this information, you can export it to HTML, TXT, CSV or XML format. You can use a search function to look for particular entries, stop traffic capturing at any time, select the time display mode (computer time or relative to capture start), edit font formatting settings, and more.

The tool is very light on the system resources, using low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and works fine, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up errors. 
Thanks to its intuitive layout and options, DNSQuerySniffer should please all users who want to monitor information on DNS queries.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 91.4KB

SHA256: 8c15a798317e48322fdae18a4b191144bc46a58eca87ea3369b82e3fa9d5b809

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