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Alternate FTP 2.640

A straightforward application that offers you the possibility of uploading or downloading files and folders to the FTP servers you choose. FTP servers are widely employed today, as they allow multiple users to connect and download data in a secure environment, for all the parties involved. As such, many programs have been developed to allow one to better manage the connection to the server and Alternate FTP is one such application. With it, one can perform all the standard FTP operations, such as uploading or downloading content, as well as renaming and deleting files – if supported by the server. The program features a highly intuitive multi-frame setup, in which all files are displayed in a tree-view control for ease of access.

Alternate File Shredder 2.480

Wipe files, folders and free space to prevent unauthorized people from recovering files using specialized tools, thanks to this practical application. Alternate File Shredder is a simple-to-use and effective software application that permits you to permanently eliminate files from the computer, in order to prevent other users from recovering it with specialized tools. It features some advanced settings that can be easily tinkered with. After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a regular frame with a clear-cut structure, representing Alternate File Shredder's interface.

Pipette 20.1.15

With the help of the Pipette, you are able to pick up colors from your screen, for example from images, your desktop or any other document. The colors will be displayed in all common color systems like RGB, CMYK, CMY, HSC, TColor, XYZ and xyz and can be directly copied to the clipboard to use them in any other application such as graphic programs or web design editors. Furthermore, it is possible to change the values of the systems, so that you can ajust every color easily. In addition, a list of colors will be displayed so that you can save and switch a range of colors. The list can also be stored so that you can go on working on your colors later.

QuickMon 5.1.8

A practical, useful and effective software utility worth having when you need to easily monitor various resources or services from a single location. Few users implement the necessary measures to prevent problems the system might experience at one time or another. QuickMon is a monitoring tool that can check various system resources and issue alerts when specific thresholds are overridden. The application uses collectors, small tools called agents that retrieve data from various parts of the system, which can be grouped into folders, according to their purpose.

Alternate Password DB 2.870

Store your passwords or other sensitive data on your computer and access them anytime you need by using this lightweight, simple application. Processing large amounts of sensitive information often requires adequate protection, but setting numerous passwords for several documents makes you prone to forgetting them.  If you find yourself in the situation above, you can turn to specialized software, such as Alternate Password DB. This application can help you safely store all of your passwords in one place and access them in a convenient manner.

Permadelete Portable 0.6

Conveniently and swiftly permanently delete sensitive data with the help of this novice-accessible and portable piece of software. It's almost common knowledge that deleting files, does not necessarily mean that they're gone forever of fully destroyed, as most capable data recovery utilities are stubbornly capable of proving. Of course, if you want to prevent the recovery of sensitive data, it's recommended that you employ the services provided by the so-called file shredders - take, for example, Permadelete.That said, if you're looking for a portable file shredder that you can take with you on most storage devices, and utter simplicity is what you're after, then you will be interested in Permadelete Portable.