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WinMute 1.4.5

WinMute is an Open Source utility for auto-muting your PCs volume when the lock screen or screensaver are running. Designed to be a simple solution allowing you to mute sounds from your PC when specific criteria are met. WinMute ensures that whenever you lock your screen or your screensaver starts, WinMute will automatically mute your machine's volume. It will also unmute it when you unlock or disengage the screensaver. WinMute is simple to configure and set up for any skill level of user. And if you need to temporarily disable it you can by right-clicking on the taskbar notification icon and uncheck the Mute on Workstationlock / Mute on Screensaver start menu items.

Blackbird V6 1.0.79

Blackbird is designed to alleviate spending hours on tweaking your privacy settings by using some known and less-known techniques to fully disarm Windows without leaving behind even the smallest possible footprint. There are other tools that claim to block Windows spying but they are cumbersome to use and not as powerful or are limited in scope. So the author took Windows apart, piece by piece, analyzed web traffic, system calls, file changes,etc., compared different configurations, designed and built a stand-alone tool and spent hundreds of hours on beta testing so anyone can use it and it gets the job done right.

AdvancedRun 1.10

Run any application using advanced settings like custom priority, window state, permission and compatibility variables with the help of this simple system tool. For a while now, Windows has been offering its users sufficient methods of running apps by enabling them to tweak settings like system compatibility modes and others related to basic video. If you want more, you are left with two obvious options: if you have the necessary skills, you can practice some advanced computer ninja moves using the Command Prompt or turn to a software solution that expands your OS' capabilities for running apps, such as AdvancedRun. This is a pragmatic and useful piece of software that allows you to run programs with different and more advanced settings than you usually could.

Q-Dir Portable 7.81

Access up to four directories at once and quickly transfer files between them using drag and drop, manage their contents and export folder information. Q-Dir is a portable file manager that comes equipped with a few extra options, compared to Windows Explorer. Thanks to the software's portability, installation is not necessary. You can place Q-Dir on a removable device and run it on any computer. More importantly, your Windows registry entries will remain intact. By default, the user interface is split into four windows. Each window has its own treeview (if you want to display it), or you can change the viewing mode, so that a single treeview is displayed for all areas.

SafeCleaner 1.21

Quickly and effortlessly secure free space to make sure that previously deleted files cannot be recovered using specialized tools. SafeCleaner is an easy-to-use application that can wipe free space on the disk, in order to prevent unauthorized users from recovering important files with specialized tools. It automatically detects files previously deleted by sending them to the Recycle Bin and emptying it, or by triggering the Shift+Delete key combination, as well as analyzes and secures the space that was occupied by them.

Screen To Gif Portable 2.18

Capture your screen activity to create educational or funny GIF animations and share them with your friends using this intuitive and portable tool. Made as a no-install version of Screen To Gif, Screen To Gif Portable is a tool that can record desktop activity to create GIF animations. It sports a wide range of useful options. Besides making GIFs, it can also produce common video files or a series of still photos from the captured frames. Plus, the utility puts many useful editing options at your disposal, which makes it ideal for creating YouTube tutorials or digital presentations, for example.The main menu lets you access the desktop recorder, webcam capturing tool, whiteboard for presentations, editor, and configuration settings.