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OpenChords 2.3.1

OpenChords is a song chord chart management and presentation tool for musicians. It allows the user to present songs and sets on a computer screen, so printing out all your song chord charts is a thing of the past. Its opensource, easy to use, clean, and has a clutter-free interface. OpenChords is a lightweight audio application whose purpose is to help musicians display chords and lyrics of a set of songs on the computer screen, take notes, transpose the song key, and export the lyrics to PDF file format.Create and edit chords and lyrics of a song or set of songs, modify tags, take notes, transpose song keys and export the data to PDF format.

youtube-dl 2017.4.28

youtube-dl is a free and open-source command-line utility that you can use to download YouTube videos as well as integrate this functionality into your own software applications. In addition to YouTube, it supports other downloading sources, like Google. There are numerous options that can be configured using this program, and they focus on the network, video selection, download, filesystem, thumbnail images, verbosity / simulation, video format, subtitles, authentication, Adobe Pass, post-processing, and workarounds. In other words, you can download YouTube clips via the command line or implement this functionality into your software, get entire playlists and more.

BioniX Wallpaper Changer Lite 9.70

Bionix Wallpaper Lite is a portable freeware version of an extensive desktop wallpaper management utility. It simplifies the process of creating, saving, and cycling your desktop wallpaper displays BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer is the advanced desktop wallpaper cycler or wallpaper manager. Change your desktop image whenever you want it to. It is small and fast and creates dependency. It supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JP2, TIFF, TGA, ICO, and EMF image files - the desktop wallpaper cycler supports drag and drop - easy to interact with the wallpaper cycler play list through Playlist Editor or MiniList and a lot more.

HiSuite 5.0.1

As with other manufacturers of cell phones like Nokia, Sony, Motorola, etc. Huawei provides users of its devices with a program called HiSuite. Most likely meaning Huawei PC Suite or something along those lines. Essentially, it is a way for you to use your PC as a way to customize, control and backup your cell phone. Huawei HiSuite provides several tools in this program like music management, reading and sending SMS messages directly from your PC desktop and installing/uninstalling APK apps from your device. This freeware application can be a real time saver. Other features here are not to be missed and include synchronization of contacts and contact details.

RepairDNS 2017.7.1.3

RepairDNS is a utility that allows to detect and remove certain DNS infection. RepairDNS is a small utility that can identify and remove DNS changer malware in your local network that can modify dynamic link resources to forward addresses to unknown third-parties.You can run the tool as soon as you download it since it is portable and no setup is needed. The log can be viewed directly in the main window and a status bar shows the progress of the scan task. RepairDNS can automatically fix the infected dnsapp.dll file. The tool will find a healthy copy of the DLL file and use it to replace the infected version. No installation is required to use this tool.

xplorer² LITE 3.2.0

xplorer² LITE is a light file managing system that supports a dual-pane layout and multiple tabs. It can be easily used by individuals of any experience level. First thing you'll notice off the bat is that Xplorer2 displays file listings from two folders at once in one window. This makes a lot of sense, since a lot of the time you're copy or moving files between folders. Also, in the far left pane, there's an easy-to-navigate directory tree of your computer. Xplorer2 makes it dead easy to work with sets of files. You can use a filter to select all the files that start with G or end in .png.