Keypirinha 2.9.1

Keypirinha is a new Windows launcher that lets you search for and run files on the system, and run other actions like web searches from its interface. Are launchers making a comeback on Windows? Keypirinha is the second launcher reviewed this month (Wox was the first). Keypirinha is a new program that is listed as beta currently by its developer. While that is the case, it is pretty advanced already and does not cause any issues or pop up any errors. Apart from being usable only with a keyboard, it is battery friendly as it consumes no cpu cycles when not in use. This tool itself is a portable version which you can run from any location.

TL Dual Monitor 3.1.0

Your visual presentation of documents, catalogues, plans is unique. But, the best of this is that you can show all this in a uniquely simple way. TL Dual Monitor software can show the contents of all or a part of the desktop, scrolling text, an individual window, a graphic from the clipboard, RTF text, images and much, much more to a second monitor. As a second monitor you can use a projector, a TV or any other display with the option of connection to a computer. It is very useful in offices, at counters, points of sale or in other places where you are required to make a presentation from your computer. TL DualMonitor is a simple tool that can be used by both experts and novices.

Avira Registry Cleaner 2.0.2

Problems installing the latest version of Avira Free Antivirus? It might be the case that your Windows registry file contains entries referring to the old version. This tool removes them for you. After running the utility, you should have no problems installing Avira's antivirus tool. Avira Registry Cleaner is a lightweight and portable software application that scans the computer for registry key leftovers of Avira products in order to eliminate them completely, permitting you to proceed with a clean reinstallation. It contains an intuitive configuration set that primarily caters to advanced users. This is a portable tool, hence no installation is required to use it.

CPUBalance 1.0.0

CPUBalance uses proprietary technology found in Process Lasso to maintain system responsiveness during high loads, or even save you from a hard reset during a worst-case scenario. The ProBalance algorithm used in CPUBalance has been proven to retain system responsiveness during high CPU loads. While it can’t fix all responsiveness problems it has an impressive impact on a high CPU load, even on modern multi-core CPU’s. A 64-Bit operating system is required. CPUBalance is a subset of Process Lasso, a tool designed to manage and edit how your processes and services run. You can prevent running processes from hogging your CPU to improve the system's responsiveness.

ZHPDiag 2017.4.2

Connecting a corrupted Flash stick, accessing a website that includes a Trojan or a rogue or downloading malware from email attachments, are just a few examples of how your computer can get infected. ZHPDiag is a software that allows to perform quick and complete operating system diagnosis. It scrutinizes the Base of registers and lists the sensitive areas that are likely to be pirated. It is based on a whitelist by module system that allows for shorter reports. It detects a large number of malware. It serves as monitor for the most common infections. At the end of report, a list of detection returns to profiles of the malware. No installation id required to use this tool.

Phoneword 3.4

Phoneword is a small software application designed specifically for helping you determine the phone number for a given string of characters. An intuitive and comprehensive application designed to provide you with a simple method for determining the phone number for a given string. Phoneword is a simple, yet handy application that you can use to find out the phone number that corresponds to a string. Phoneword displays a QWERTY keyboard and a phone keyboard within its main window, enabling you to enter the string you want to process. In othr words, it's a simple tool that helps you identify phone numbers from user-defined character strings.

MuseTips Text Filter 1.7.0

Muse Tips Text Filter is a basic text reader with the flexibility of real-time text search just as you type the words. All you need to do is open up a text file with Text Filter, and type the text you’re looking for in the search bar on top. The software will highlight the searched words, and will also show only those paragraphs that contain the search query results, thus making sorting through search results easier. There are a variety of search options available, which include auto suggestions (the software remembers your previous search queries), Regular Expression (Regex) support, case sensitivity etc, and also allows you to show or hide the matched words as per your choice.